Adding your first InfoPrint Select printer on Windows systems

Before adding an InfoPrint Select printer to your Windows system, you must:To add an InfoPrint Select printer to your Windows system:
  1. From the Windows desktop, click Start → Control Panel → Devices and Printers.
  2. Select Add a printer. The Add Printer window displays. Select Add a local printer.
  3. On the Choose a printer port page, click Use an existing port, then scroll down the list of ports until you find the port and select it. Click Next.
  4. Click Have Disk.
    1. Click Browse.
      Note: If you are using a printer driver other than those provided with InfoPrint Manager or Select, specify that printer driver now.
    2. Click Open.
    3. Click OK to close the Install From Disk window.
  5. Select the manufacturer and model of your printer and click Next.
  6. If the driver for your printer is already installed, the Use Existing Driver dialog that appears. Click Next. The Type a printer name dialog appears.
  7. Enter a name for the printer in the field provided. This is the name the printer is known to your Windows applications and the Windows desktop. Click Next.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. On the menu bar of the Printers window, click Organize and select Properties.
  10. In the Print Properties window, click Ports.
  11. Highlight the InfoPrint Select port that you want to configure and click Configure Port.
  12. In the InfoPrint Port Configuration window, make sure that the Print Server field displays InfoPrint Manager.
  13. In the Host Name field, type the host name of your InfoPrint Manager server.
  14. In the Host Port field, type the port number that your InfoPrint Manager server uses to communicate with client systems. The default port is 6874.
  15. In the Server name field, specify the name of the InfoPrint Manager server (pdserver) where your destination is located in. If the InfoPrint Manager server name is not known, specify the default value of * to list all the printers on all the InfoPrint Manager servers. Specifying the server name reduces the number of printers listed, which reduces the time it takes to configure a port.
    Note: If you know the name of the printer to use, type it in the Printer name field and go to step 18 of this procedure. If you do not know the name of the printer, leave this value blank and you will receive a list of printers from which to select.
  16. Click Refresh Printer Selection List.
  17. Select the appropriate printer from the list.
  18. Click OK.
  19. Click Close.

To add additional InfoPrint Select printers to your environment, follow the procedure described in Adding your first InfoPrint Select printer on Windows systems.