Starting the InfoPrint Manager Web Interface

The InfoPrint Manager Web Interface can be defined and customized. Customization includes which panes are shown and the details shown in each pane. It does not apply to tabs that are opened in the InfoPrint Manager Web Interface.

To start the InfoPrint Manager Web Interface:

  1. Open a compatible browser. For a list of supported browsers, see Verifying prerequisites in InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Planning Guide.
    • When you upgrade from a previous version of InfoPrint Manger, make sure that you clear your browser cache on each of the connected client systems.
  2. In the address bar, enter: http://hostname:14080/IPM where hostname is the InfoPrint Manager computer name or the IP address where you are running the Web Interface application.

Adding a new connection to an InfoPrint Manager server

To add a new connection:

  1. Go to ObjectsConnections tab.
  2. Click the panel menu icon and select Add Connection.
  3. In the Add Connection dialog, enter values in the fields as required.
    1. Enter the InfoPrint Manager server hosting machine as an IP address or as a DNS host name in the IP Address or Host Name field.
    2. Enter the server port number in the Port field. The default port number is 6874.
    3. Save the connection.
      • Click ADD. Saves the connection settings and adds it to the connections list in the Objects panel.
      • Click ADD and CONNECT. Saves the connection settings, adds it to the list, and enables the connection.