Enabling font capture for inline fonts

If the jobs that you run through your system use the same fonts, you might want to enable your actual destination to capture inline font resources. These inline fonts must have an object identifier (OID) so InfoPrint can capture them.
Note: For many systems, this procedure is not recommended because captured inline fonts can be deleted when your printer needs more storage. If InfoPrint Manager cannot access these fonts, the jobs can either fail or print incorrectly.

From the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI:

  1. Click the actual destination and select Printer Properties.
  2. From the actual destination's Printer Properties notebook, click Tuning.
  3. Find the Capture inline OTF resources radio button. If you can't see it, click Show more.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the Yes radio button for the Capture inline OTF resources setting.