PPFA Messages and Codes

At the end of processing for each command, the maximum error level encountered during processing is printed on the system printer, providing the error was not caused by the system printer itself. The meaning of the return codes is shown in Table Return Codes.

Return Codes

Return Code Severity Description
Return Code 0 I = Information; the command is processed. PPFA did not encounter any problems. No warning, error, severe-error, or termination-error message was issued.
Return Code 4 W = Warning; the command is processed. PPFA encountered at least one non-terminating error, solved by an assumption. At least one warning message was issued. No error, severe-error, or terminating-error message was issued. The requested function was probably correctly performed. The program executed to completion.
Return Code 8 E = Error; the command is partially processed. PPFA encountered at least one error, but no severe or terminating error. A requested function may be partially incomplete.
Return Code 12 S = Severe error; the command is not processed. PPFA encountered a severe error. The program executed to completion, but some of the functions requested were not performed.
Return Code 16 T = Termination error; the job is terminated. PPFA encountered a terminating error. The program terminated prematurely.