Indexing with literal values

Some print files, such as technical documents and memos, cannot be divided easily into groups of pages by using values in the data because no data value is consistently present in the same location. Likewise, the output of an application might not contain the data that you would like to use for an indexing tag. In these cases, you can specify one or more literal values for ACIF to use in the indexing tags for a single group of pages. The ACIF parameter that you use in this case is the FIELDn parameter.

  1. If you are using ACIF to add indexing tags to a file, and the input file already contains indexing tags, ACIF issues an error message and stops processing. If the input file already contains indexing tags, you can create the index object file by running ACIF without specifying any indexing parameters.
  2. ACIF includes the name of the output document in the index object file and includes the name of the index object file in the output document, which provides a method of correlating the index object file with the appropriate output document.