Using AFP resources

The afp2pdf transform uses these AFP resources:
  • Page segments
  • Overlays
  • Form definitions

The afp2pdf transform does not process AFP font files. If the program encounters resources of this type, they are ignored. To display text, the transform uses an existing set of predefined fonts. Font definition files that map the standard AFP fonts to Acrobat fonts for PDF are provided. If your AFP document uses AFP fonts that you have customized or created, you must map these fonts. For information about mapping AFP fonts, see Mapping AFP fonts.

The page segment, overlay, and form definition resources can be passed to the transform from these locations:

Inline resource group
The AFP resources needed by the AFP data file are combined into a logical resource library for the document. This resource group is contained in the AFP file along with the AFP document.
Resource directories
The afp2pdf transform provides a resource directory for external resources. On AIX or Linux, the directory is /usr/lpp/psf/afp2pdf/reslib, and on Windows, the directory is install_path\afp2pdf\reslib.

If InfoPrint Manager is installed, the afp2pdf transform also uses the InfoPrint Manager directory. If InfoPrint Manager for AIX or InfoPrint Manager for Linux is installed, the afp2pdf client uses the /usr/lpp/psf/reslib resource directory. If InfoPrint Manager for Windows is installed, the afp2pdf client uses the install_path\reslib resource directory.

For external resources, copy the resources:

For AIX or Linux:
For Windows:
  • The InfoPrint Manager resource directories are not used by the afp2pdf client when afp2pdf communicates with the Transform Feature. These resource directories are used when afp2pdf runs natively on InfoPrint Manager for AIX, InfoPrint Manager for Linux, or InfoPrint Manager for Windows.