Tasks you do using the InfoPrint Manager Web Interface

Printer tasks:
  • Associate a media with a physical printer
  • Check the status of a printer
  • Show the printer web page
  • Specify job batches ready for a printer
  • Enable a printer
  • Disable a printer
  • Space a PSF printer
  • Resume a printer
  • Stop or pause a PSF or InfoPrint Color printer
  • Change media for a PSF, BSD, or Passthrough printer
  • Change job routing
  • Interrupt the printing of a current job
  • Monitor printers
  • Favorite printers
  • Change the job classes that the printer can accept
  • Change the job forms that the printer can use
Other Destination tasks:
  • Check the status of a destination
  • Enable a destination
  • Disable a destination
  • Resume a destination
  • Stop or pause a destination
  • Change job routing
  • Display printers
  • Monitor destinations
  • Change the job classes that the destination can accept
  • Change the job forms that the destination can use
Job tasks:
  • Check the status of a queued or retained job
  • Hold a job
  • Release a job1
  • Pause a job
  • Resume a job
  • Change the media for a job
  • Change the number of copies to print
  • Change the priority of a job
  • Change the requested destination of job
  • Select the sheets of a job that you want to print
  • Change the retain time for a job
  • Make a job first (promote a job)
  • Move a job to a destination (reorder a job)
  • Move a job to a printer
  • Move a job while ignoring the default object values
  • Delete (cancel) a job
  • View a job log
  • View a job ticket
  • View a job
  • Search for a job
  • View or change job properties
  • Display queued or retained jobs in the server
  • Display retained jobs in the server
  • Request a specific printer for a job
  • Set or modify notification for a job
  • Monitor jobs
  • List all jobs for a printer or a queue
  • Adjust the print quality of a job
  • Set a job-batch value for a job
  • Resubmit a retained job
  • Select the pages of a job that you want to print
  • Change the AFP resource information
  • Change the AFP color options
  • Change the job class
  • Change the forms used for the job
Queue tasks:
  • Filter on queues
  • Monitor queues
  • Pause and resume a queue
Server tasks:
  • Show all servers currently running in the namespace
Miscellaneous tasks:
  • LDAP authentication
  • Opening panels: Objects Panel, Jobs Panel, Main Panel
  • Customizing the appearance of the interface
  • Sorting tables and panels
  • Filtering your view (destinations, queues, or servers)
  • Accessing Help topics
  • Adding, modifying, deleting a connection
  • Activating and deactivating a connection
  • Filtering objects
  • Viewing objects
  • Adding favorite objects
  • Viewing the media catalog
  • Creating, copying, modifying, deleting media objects
  • Viewing a job document
  • User management: creating, modifying, deleting users
  • Logging in and out of IPM Web Interface
  1. Selected jobs are released in the same order that they are listed in the interface.
  2. When you add a form in the interface, it only shows up in the list of available forms after a job has been run with that specific form.

    For example, if you associate the form Letter with Job 1, Letter will not display in the Printer → Change Forms or Job → Change Forms drop-down lists until after Job 1 has completed.

  3. If you are restricting read access to InfoPrint Manager objects to specific users or groups, you must add the wsClient user to the list of users allowed to access the objects in order to view them in the Web Interface.