Windows gateway printers

A Windows gateway printer is a Windows shared printer that you create on your InfoPrint Manager system. Then, users can add that printer to their desktops and submit jobs to it. The gateway submits the jobs to the specified InfoPrint destination to be printed.

Important: InfoPrint Manager manages this Windows shared printer for you; you should never modify the port monitor or port configuration of this printer by opening it from the Start → Settings → Printers window.

You create a Windows gateway printer on the InfoPrint Manager server system using the Management Console. Select Edit → New → Windows Gateway Printer to open the Create Gateway Printer dialog. In the dialog:

  • Specify a share name for the Windows gateway printer. The share name is the name that users will see in the Add Printer wizard when they look for the printer.
  • Select the InfoPrint destination that the gateway will send jobs to.
    Note: You must create this destination before you create the Windows gateway printer. Refer to Understanding Destination Support Systems (DSS) and Creating actual destinations for more information about creating destinations.
  • Select the printer driver that generates a data stream that corresponds to the destination or destinations that the jobs can be printed on.
InfoPrint Manager associates the selected driver with the InfoPrint port monitor to create a Windows printer.