Updating transform configuration files

As part of the install process, your existing transform configuration files and user exits are automatically zipped and backed up into the path <install path>\var\pdbk\ipm.bak_MM-DD-YYYY.zip.

  • C:\Program Files\RICOH\Infoprint Manager\pcl2afp\pcl2afp.cfg
  • C:\Program Files\RICOH\Infoprint Manager\pcl2afp\pcl2afpd.cfg
  • C:\Program Files\RICOH\Infoprint Manager\ps2afp\ps2afp.cfg
  • C:\Program Files\RICOH\Infoprint Manager\ps2afp\ps2afpd.cfg
  • C:\Program Files\RICOH\Infoprint Manager\ps2afp\3160d.cfg

After installing the latest InfoPrint Manager version, you can edit the newly-installed files to add your customized changes into the new configuration files that reside in the installation directory.

Note: Because the new configuration files might have different source material, you should not copy the backed-up files over the new configuration files.