Specifies how the output AFP will be tagged with color information.

GUI label

Tag output CMR


Resettable, single-valued, per-document

Allowed Values

You can enter one of these fixed values:

There will be no tagging in the output AFP.
InfoPrint will tag the output AFP as an input (audit) Color Management Resource (CMR).
InfoPrint will tag the output AFP as both an input (audit) CMR and an output (instruction) CMR.

Default Value


Usage Guidelines

  • This attribute is used to support color resource management.
  • Use this attribute together with the color-rendering-intent, destination-model, and resource-context attributes.
  • If you do not specify the output-color-management-resource-tag attribute or its value is none, and if you specify the output-color-management-resource-inline attribute, InfoPrint ignores the specified output-color-management-resource-inline attribute.
  • If you specify the output-color-management-resource-inline attribute but do not specify the output-color-management-resource-tag attribute, InfoPrint will ignore the output-color-management-resource-inline attribute at the transform level.
  • If you specify the output-color-management-resource as an ICC Profile instead of an AFP CMR, InfoPrint will ignore the output-color-management-resource-tag and output-color-management-resource-inline attributes at the transform level.
  • This attribute works only with the document attribute document-ps-processor set to CPSI or with the document attribute document-pdf-processor set to APPE or CPSI.