For PSF, specifies whether the transform is to produce monochrome (fs10) or color images (fs42 or fs45).

For CUPS destinations, specifies whether InfoPrint Manager is to pass to the underlying printing system the corresponding driver option which produces monochrome or color output. For more information, see "Mapping Attributes and Values to PPD Options" in the InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Getting Started.

GUI label

Color bits per plane


CUPS, Email, PSF


Resettable, single-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter one of these fixed values:

  • 0-bits (monochrome FS10)
  • 1-bit (color FS42)
  • 8-bits (color FS45)

Default Value

There is no default value.

Usage Guidelines

For PSF, if a document is already ripped, changing this attribute at the printer does not effect the document. To change a ripped document, modify the job and document properties to specify the new value. When released, the document is re-ripped automatically.

For Email DSS, this is only supported for PDF or PostScript document formats.

For CUPS, InfoPrint Manager does not transform the data, it passes the corresponding driver option to the underlying printing system.