Specifies the number of document copies printed per job copy.

GUI label

Copy count




Resettable, single-valued, per-document

Input Synonym

You can use the synonym copies.

Allowed Values

You can enter an integer from 1 through 2147483647.

Default Value


Usage Guidelines

  • InfoPrint validates and schedules jobs using this attribute against the destination attribute maximum-copies-supported.
  • This attribute is not valid for AFP documents with inline resources. To print multiple copies of these documents, use the job-copies component of the results-profile job attribute.
  • For BSD (by default), this document attribute maps to the qprt -N option.
  • The copy-count document/default document attribute is ignored for dpf-ipds requests.
  • The copy-count attribute prints uncollated copies for CUPS DSS. To print collated copies, use the job-copies component of the results-profile attribute.