Identifies the medium for document pages on which this document prints.

GUI label

Medium requested


AIX, CUPS, InfoPrint 2000, Passthrough, IPP, PSF


Resettable, single-valued, per-document

Allowed Values

You can enter a text string of up to 255 characters that contains one of the values listed for the medium-identifier attribute for the medium object or a name of a medium you have created. See the medium object medium-identifier attribute.
You can specify any text string that is listed as a supported medium.
You can specify any text string that is listed as a supported medium.
The Passthrough DSS uses this attribute for job validation and scheduling only. It does not affect print output.

Default Value

No default value

Usage Guidelines

  • InfoPrint validates the document against the logical destination attribute media-supported and the actual destination attribute media-supported.
  • InfoPrint schedules the document against the actual destination attributes media-supported and media-ready.
  • For AIX and CUPS actual destinations, any medium selection in the data stream or form definition overrides the value you specify for this attribute.
  • For PSF actual destinations, the value you specify for this attribute overrides any medium selection in the data stream or form definition, with one exception. If you specify different values for this attribute for each document in a job, and also specify a value for the document form-definition attribute, InfoPrint ignores the different values and uses the medium selection in the form definition.
  • If this attribute and the default-input-tray attribute have conflicting values, InfoPrint uses the value of this attribute.
  • For InfoPrint 2000 actual destinations, the value specified must map to an existing medium object.
  • For CUPS, InfoPrint Manager maps the value to a media using the corresponding driver option set in the printer model configuration file. For more information, see "Mapping Attributes and Values to PPD Options" in the InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Getting Started.