document-type (Document Only)

Indicates that the document is either a printable document, a group of printable documents, a font, or some other resource.

GUI label





Initially settable, single-valued, per-document

Input Synonym

You can use the synonym type.

Allowed Values

You can enter one of these fixed values:

Fixed Value DSS
color-mapping-table PSF
email-body Email
email-signature Email
file-reference All
font PSF, Email,InfoPrint 2000
form-definition PSF, Email, InfoPrint 2000
formatted-job-ticket PSF, Email, InfoPrint 2000
insert-sheet PSF, Email, InfoPrint 2000
job-ticket PSF, Email, InfoPrint 2000
overlay PSF, Email, InfoPrint 2000
overlay-back PSF, Email, InfoPrint 2000
overlay-front PSF, Email, InfoPrint 2000
page-definition PSF, Email, InfoPrint 2000
page-segment PSF, Email, InfoPrint 2000
page-shift-file PSF, Email, InfoPrint 2000
printable All
resource PSF DSS for AIX, Email, InfoPrint 2000

Default Value


Usage Guidelines

  • A file-reference document is a list of similar printable documents. All the printable documents must have the same format, because InfoPrint processes them all the same way.
  • Insert documents normally require media sheets from the insert input tray, which is on the finisher. This means that you cannot print an insert with the rest of the job. If you want printed inserts, preprint them and load the printed sheets into the insert tray.

    This does not mean that the insert document should not have any printable content. The insert document should be a MO:DCA-P, PostScript, or TIFF (not ASCII) file containing text like this:

    This is an insert sheet.
    A MO:DCA-P insert document is supplied with InfoPrint Submit. If you submit jobs in other ways, create your own insert document.

    If the insert input tray is not available (for example, if you are proofing a job on a printer without a finisher), InfoPrint prints the insert document on a sheet from the default input bin, so that you can easily see where sheets from the insert tray will be inserted in the final job.

  • To print a booklet with a cover, specify insert as the document format of the first document in the job.
  • An email job must not include more than one email-body document or more than one email-signature document.
  • InfoPrint validates and schedules jobs using this attribute against the destination attribute document-types-supported.