Identifies the file name of the XSL style sheet used for the XML document. This name can contain full path information, URL information, or just the file name. If you only specify the file name, InfoPrint Manager uses the path specified on the document's resource-context attribute to locate the file. When you specify a file name, the XSL style sheet must be located on the server where the xml2afp or xml2pdf transform runs.

GUI label

XSL style sheet


PSF, Email, InfoPrint 2000


Settable, single-valued, per-document

Allowed Values

You can enter a text string of up to 4095 characters that contains the XSL style sheet information.

You can specify a value of none to indicate that a style sheet should be suppressed because it has been specified with XSL-FO data.

Default Value

No default value

Usage Guidelines

  • If an XSL style sheet is specified on either the document or actual destination, it is used to process the XML file that was submitted, even if the file was already XSL-FO.
  • If no style sheet is to be used, you should specify none for the xsl-style-sheet document or default document attribute.
  • If you do not specify an XSL style sheet with the xsl-style-sheet document/default document attribute, InfoPrint Manager uses the XSL style sheet that you specify with the xsl-style-sheet actual destination attribute.
  • InfoPrint Manager does not provide a default XSL style sheet.