InfoPrint transform commands

This section describes these InfoPrint transform commands:

Note: InfoPrint invokes the appropriate transform automatically whenever you print a DBCS ASCII, DBCS EUC, ditroff, GIF, JPEG, line data, PCL, PDF, PostScript, SAP, TIFF, or XML job on a PSF physical printer. You can pass options to these transforms using the other-transform-options document attribute on the InfoPrint pdpr command or the -o flag of the print commands (enq, lp, and qprt) or the InfoPrint lprafp command. However, InfoPrint does not automatically invoke the img2afp or xml2pdf transforms.
For more information, see Attributes for documents and default documents, pdpr command: submits jobs, lprafp command: submits remote jobs in InfoPrint Manager for AIX or InfoPrint Manager for Linux, or The -o flag for AIX print commands and the InfoPrint Manager lprafp command.