job-page-count (Job Only)

Identifies the estimated total number of pages in the job.

GUI label

Number of pages




Resettable, single-valued

Allowed Values

An integer from 1 through 2147483647.

Default Value

The total of the values of the page-count attribute for all documents multiplied times the value in the copy-count attribute (and the job-copies component in the results-profile) for all the documents in the job.

Usage Guidelines

  • InfoPrint calculates the value for job-page-count as follows:
    1. Multiplies the value of each printable document's page-count attribute times the value of its copy-count.
    2. InfoPrint then multiplies the value from step 1 times the job-copies component of the results-profile job attribute.
    3. InfoPrint then totals the values for all printable documents and inserts the result in the job-page-count attribute.
  • If you choose to specify a value for the job-page-count attribute, the value should closely represent the total number of pages expected for the complete job.
  • The job-page-count value is recalculated by the InfoPrint Manager server if any transform object modifies (and informs InfoPrint Manager) any document's page count when processing a job.
  • InfoPrint Manager can modify the page count of a document with the page count function that is enabled with the count-job-pages server attribute.
  • If the count-job-pages server attribute is set, the job-page-count value is recalculated when all documents in the job have been ripped and held and requested copies have been made.