job-retain-until (Job Only)

Specifies the time or time and calendar date until which InfoPrint retains the completed job before the server discards it. The job has to be in the retained state before job-retain-until starts. The job can be a job that has completed or a job that has been canceled.

GUI label

Retain until




Resettable, single-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter a value using the local time and date format. The USA format is HH:MM:SS, "HH:MM:SS mm/dd/yy" on AIX and Windows, or HH:MM:SS AM/PM mm/dd/YYYY on Linux. On Linux, use the formats specified by the PD_TIME_FORMAT and PD_DATE_FORMAT InfoPrint Manager environment variables. For more information on how to use these environment variables, go to InfoPrint Manager environment variables. You must delimit the string with quotation marks if you specify a date. If you specify a time but no date, the date defaults to today.

Default Value

No default value

Usage Guidelines

  • If the job-discard-time and one of the job-retain-until or job-retention-period attributes are set, InfoPrint Manager discards the job at the earliest time specified by one of these attributes.

  • If the job-discard-time and the retain-forever attributes are set, InfoPrint Manager discards the job at the time specified by the job-discard-time.

  • You can only specify one retention period attribute for each job. If you set a different retention period attribute, that attribute takes effect, and this one is cleared. The retention period attributes are job-retain-until (Job only), job-retention-period, and retain-forever.
  • You can specify a value for either job-retain-until or job-retention-period, but not both.