Pauses the actual destination just before the job is printed or sent.

GUI label

Wait to start job




Resettable, single-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter one of these fixed values:

Fixed Value Input Synonym
true yes
false no

Default Value

Default job
No default value

Usage Guidelines

  • Use this attribute with the job-start-message attribute for jobs that require operator intervention, for example, loading special forms in the printer device. If the values of the job-start-wait and job-start-message are true, when the job is about to be printed or sent, InfoPrint pauses the actual destination and the person specified by the actual destination notify-operator attribute receives the message specified by the job-start-message attribute. When the operator resumes the actual destination, the job is printed or sent.
  • InfoPrint validates and schedules jobs using this attribute against the destination attribute job-start-wait-supported.