Indicates which type of data fidelity errors this logical destination can report.


Resettable, multi-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter any of these fixed values:

  • all
  • character
  • none
  • position

Default Values

No default values (all valid values supported).

Usage Guidelines

  • Use this attribute to specify whether InfoPrint issues error messages for print-positioning and invalid-character errors that occur for TCP/IP-attached printer devices.

    Print positioning errors occur when the print position for the data is beyond the valid printable areas as defined by the intersection of the physical and logical pages. (A logical page identifies the printing boundaries of a physical page.)

    Invalid-character errors occur when the code point does not map to a character in a font.

  • InfoPrint compares the document attribute data-fidelity-problem-reported to this attribute for validation.
  • You can use this attribute to restrict use of this logical destination.