Identifies which of the schedulers specified by the schedulers-supported attribute InfoPrint uses to determine how to break ties produced by the scheduler specified by the scheduler-sort-primary-order attribute. For example, if you normally schedule jobs by priority, you can specify that when two jobs have the same priority, InfoPrint should schedule the shorter one first.

GUI label

Secondary scheduler




Resettable, single-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter one of these fixed values:

Fixed Value Definition
deadline InfoPrint schedules jobs with the earliest deadline first.
fifo InfoPrint schedules jobs in the order they are submitted.
job-priority InfoPrint schedules jobs in order of priority.
longest-job-first InfoPrint schedules jobs in order of job page count, longest first.
shortest-job-first InfoPrint schedules jobs in order of job page count, shortest first.

Default Value


Usage Guidelines

The scheduler-sort-primary-order and scheduler-sort-secondary-order actual destination attributes work together in scheduling jobs and have these interdependencies:

  • If scheduler-sort-primary-order is set to fifo, the scheduler-sort-secondary-order is cleared.
  • If scheduler-sort-primary-order changes from fifo to a value other than fifo, scheduler-sort-secondary-order must be set to some value at the same time on the same command or an error occurs trying to set scheduler-sort-primary-order.