Used with the wait-for-job-completion attribute and a destination command (backend) that is capable of using SNMP to monitor the job. The value specified tells the backend how long to wait after the printer has started accepting the job before giving up on finding an entry for the job in the printer's SNMP job MIB. The wait-for-job-completion-snmp-timeout attribute is used only when all of these events occur together:

  • When the AIX DSS or the PSF other-driver DSS is using pioibmdpm as the destination command
  • When the wait-for-job-completion attribute is true
  • When the physical printer being driven is an InfoPrint 2085 or InfoPrint 2105.

GUI label

Report job completed when printed timeout (sec)


AlX, PSF Other-Driver on AIX


Resettable, single-valued

Allowed Values

You can enter an integer from 0 through 2147483647.

Default Value

300 seconds (5 minutes)

Usage Guidelines

  • If one InfoPrint Manager server is not the only source of jobs for the printer, it might be necessary to increase this value.
  • If jobs print but InfoPrint Manager indicates a failure, it might be necessary to increase this value.