Creating new auxiliary-sheet objects using the pdcreate command

You create auxiliary-sheet objects from the Command Prompt window; you cannot create them through the InfoPrint administrator's GUI. Use the pdcreate command with the -c auxiliary-sheet flag and specify the server name and an auxiliary-sheet object name to create a new auxiliary-sheet object. Specify a name that uniquely identifies the auxiliary-sheet object in the server. Different servers can contain a auxiliary-sheet objects with the same name, but possibly with different values for their attributes.

You also specify the psf-exit-form-definition, psf-exit-page-mark, and psf-exit-program-name attributes with the command to specify the form definition, whether edge marks print, and the user-exit program used.

For example, to create an auxiliary-sheet object named custom-start contained in Server1 that specifies the ainuxhdr user-exit program, the F1A10110 form definition, and includes edge marks, enter the command:

pdcreate -c auxiliary-sheet -x "psf-exit-program-name=ainuxhdr 
psf-exit-form-definition=F1A10110 psf-exit-page-mark=true"