Setting up font resources for DBCS ASCII and EUC printing

To print the transformed files that contain font references to the double-byte character set, you must make the double-byte fonts known to InfoPrint through one of these methods:
  • Create a resource-context object that identifies the location of the double-byte fonts and associate the resource-context object with a default-document object and an InfoPrint logical destination. Using this method makes the fonts known to InfoPrint for any job submitted to the logical destination associated with the default-document object.
  • Add the drives and specific folders to the search path for actual destinations using this procedure from the InfoPrint Administration GUI:
  1. From the InfoPrint Administration GUI main window, highlight the actual destination.
  2. From the main menu, select the Printer → Properties path to open the selected printers' Printer Properties window.
  3. From the Printer Properties window, click AFP Resources.
  4. From AFP Resources, you can specify the fully qualified path where the double-byte fonts are in the Location of Resources field.
This makes the fonts known to InfoPrint for any job processed by this actual destination.