Fonts required to print a double-byte transformed file

You can use the db2afp transform command to transform input files that use these code pages:
  • Japanese PC (code page IBM-932)
  • Japanese EUC (code page IBM-eucJP)
  • Traditional Chinese PC (code page IBM-950)
  • Traditional Chinese EUC (code page IBM-eucTW)
  • Korean EUC (code page IBM-eucKR)

The transformed files contain font references to the double-byte character set. You set the character set and code page you want by either setting the PSFDBLANG environment variable or using the default-character-mapping default document attribute defined in the InfoPrint Manager: Reference. When using the default-character-mapping default document attribute, you must also specify document-format=debs-ascii for each applicable document or default document.

To set the PSFDBLANG environment variable, see the Determining what code page your print jobs use and setting the correct environment variable section in Working with transforms.

After you have used the db2afp command to transform DBCS ASCII and EUC files to AFP data stream files, you must have access to DBCS fonts when you print the transformed files. The DBCS fonts for Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean are available with Infoprint Fonts, which is a separately orderable feature of InfoPrint Manager.