Fonts for printing line data

When you specify a coded font name with the chars keyword of the line2afp command or with the chars document attribute, the font name is limited to four characters, excluding the two-character prefix.

This table provides a list of the InfoPrint Expanded Core Fonts for use with unformatted ASCII input data. InfoPrint stores these coded fonts in the install_path\fontlib path. There are copies of the eight-character names that correspond to the six-character names that reside in the same location.

For the names of other coded fonts, see InfoPrint AFP Fonts: Font Summary.

InfoPrint Expanded Core Fonts

Type Family Point Size Coded Font Name Short Name (for chars keyword)
Courier 7 X0423072 X04272
Courier 8 X0423082 X04282
Courier 10 X0423002 X04202
Courier 12 X04230B2 X042B2
Courier 14 X04230D2 X042D2
Courier 20 X04230J2 X042J2
Helvetica 6 X0H23062 X0H262
Helvetica 7 X0H23072 X0H272
Helvetica 8 X0H23082 X0H282
Helvetica 10 X0H23002 X0H202
Helvetica 11 X0H230A2 X0H2A2
Helvetica 12 X0H230B2 X0H2B2
Helvetica 14 X0H230D2 X0H2D2
Helvetica 16 X0H230F2 X0H2F2
Helvetica 18 X0H230H2 X0H2H2
Helvetica 20 X0N230J2 X0N2J2
Helvetica 24 X0N230N2 X0N2N2
Helvetica 30 X0H230T2 X0H2T2
Helvetica 36 X0H230Z2 X0H2Z2
Times New Roman 6 X0N23062 X0N262
Times New Roman 7 X0N23072 X0N272
Times New Roman 8 X0N23082 X0N282
Times New Roman 9 X0N23092 X0N292
Times New Roman 10 X0N23002 X0N202
Times New Roman 11 X0N230A2 X0N2A2
Times New Roman 12 X0N230B2 X0N2B2
Times New Roman 14 X0N230D2 X0N2D2
Times New Roman 16 X0N230F2 X0N2F2
Times New Roman 18 X0N230H2 X0N2H2
Times New Roman 20 X0N230J2 X0N2J2
Times New Roman 24 X0N230N2 X0N2N2
Times New Roman 30 X0N230T2 X0N2T2
Times New Roman 36 X0N230Z2 X0N2Z2