Uses of GRID files

GRID files contain preassigned mappings that you can modify to map system-resident font file names to printer-resident font identifiers. These preassigned mappings include both single-byte character set (SBCS) and double-byte characters set (DBCS) outline fonts.

If you have a printer that supports outline fonts, you can use the GRID files to map raster character-set names to outline font global identifiers.

GRID files also support Mixed Object Document Content Architecture for Presentation (MO:DCA-P) files that specify fonts using GRIDs rather than character-set names. You can customize the GRID files to define which fonts InfoPrint uses when the data stream of the job specifies GRIDs.

Note: If a data stream specifies only GRID parts instead of specific names, the fgid.grd table is used to find the name of the font to download or the outline font to activate. In this case, the data stream must specify a specific width value