Monitoring disk use

InfoPrint Manager includes support to help you monitor disk usage. The InfoPrint Manager server polls critical disks at regularly scheduled intervals, and it increases the polling as the usage increases. Initially, the disk is polled for usage every 16 minutes.

Here is the polling schedule:

Every 8 minutes
Every 4 minutes
Every 2 minutes
Every minute

If the usage for a disk goes above the InfoPrint Manager pre-defined threshold of 80%, InfoPrint Manager logs a message and generates a disk-space-low event. As usage increases above the 80% threshold, more messages and disk-space-low events are logged and generated.

Each time usages goes above the 80, 90, 95, and 97.5 percent usage levels, the disk-space-low event is generated and logged. However, InfoPrint Manager only issues one event for each usage level. Disk usage algorithm illustrates the algorithm used to monitor disk usage.

Disk usage algorithm

This bar graph illustrates when the disk-space-low event is generated when a disks reaches 80, 90, 95, and 97.5 percent full.
Note: The threshold is reset if the disk usage drops below the previous threshold; for example, when the disk usage drops to 70% after an 80% disk-space-low event, it is reset.