Making your AFP resources available to InfoPrint Manager

When the MVS Download feature of PSF for z/OS is used with MVS Download, the AFP resources you use for your printing jobs must be available to InfoPrint Manager, so the jobs can process correctly. When the AFP Download Plus feature of PSF for z/OS is used with MVS Download, the resources are usually sent with the print jobs and the AFP resources do not need to be available to InfoPrint Manager, and this section can be skipped. However, AFP Download Plus can be configured to not send all AFP resource types to InfoPrint Manager. If this configuration is used, the resource types not sent must be made available to InfoPrint Manager as described in this section. This section assumes that these resources currently reside on your host system in AFP format, and that you (or someone) can locate them.

Note: If you currently use the Distributed Print Function (DPF) of PSF for OS/2, the resource files you use are in Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) format. However, the Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) versions of those files exist on your host system as well. Make sure that you use the AFP versions with MVS Download.

There are several ways that you can make your resources available to InfoPrint Manager; three of them are described below. Read through the options and decide which is best for your configuration.