Copying the sample DCF

To create a copy of the sample DCF provided with InfoPrint Manager:
  1. Open the file <install path>\var\pd\mvsd\mvsdmap.txt, (where <install path> is the directory where InfoPrint Manager is installed) in a text editor such as Notepad.
  2. Click File → Save as, and save the file into a directory outside of the <install path> directory. Make note of the directory and file name for reference later.
    1. You can change the file name if you like, but do not need to.
    2. If you do not save the file to another directory outside the <install path> directory, it could be overwritten or deleted if you ever need to reinstall, apply service, or upgrade InfoPrint Manager.
    3. This step creates a copy of the sample/default file and leaves the original, unedited version in the directory listed above so you can use it to create another customized DCF later if you need to.