Installing multiple data set support with MVS Download

Use this procedure to install the MVS Download multiple data set support.
  1. Install the MVS Download user exit 15 program, apsux15m, on MVS. The program must be assembled and linked into a data set referenced in the STEPLIB of your MVS Download startup PROC.
  2. Run MVS Download on MVS using SEND_REC_LENGTH=YES either by specifying it explicitly in the MVS Download Routing Control data set on MVS or by allowing it to default. If you specify SEND_REC_LENGTH=NO, ACIF might be unable to process some variable length line mode data. In these cases, ACIF issues a message that it cannot read the input file with a return code of 310.
  3. Make sure that ACIF can locate your resources.
    It looks in the directories specified in the Service Configuration dialog of the Management Console. If you specify resource directories using any of these attributes, you must specify those same directories in the Default resource search path field in the Service Configuration dialog of the Management Console:
    • resource-context
    • resource-context-font
    • resource-context-overlay
    • resource-context-page-segment
    • resource-context-page-definition
    • resource-context-form-definition

    You must delimit each directory using a semicolon (;), not a colon (:).

  4. Do not specify these attributes either directly or in Initial Value Job or Initial Value Document objects:
    • transform-message-file-name
    • resource-context-page-definition
    • You can use the resource-context attribute instead of the resource-context-page-definition attribute.
  5. Make sure that all of the receivers you plan to use have parallel processing turned off. If parallel processing is enabled, you cannot use those receivers with multiple data set jobs. To see the status of parallel processing:
    1. Open the Management Console and click the MVS Download Receivers item in the left pane.
      A list of receivers appears in the right pane.
    2. Double-click each receiver to open the Viewing dialog.
    3. In the Processing Options box, see if Parallel Processing is enabled. If it is enabled, you cannot use that receiver with multiple data set jobs.