Sample PPML configuration file

Sample PPML configuration file shows an example of a configuration file for the PPML transform.

Sample PPML configuration file

# default ppml2afp configuration file

# directory where PPML2AFP can create and maintain other files
ppml_work_directory = AFP_Support_Path\\ppml2afp

# port number of the server running the PS2AFP transform
ps_server_port = 8251

# server name of the server running the PS2AFP transform
ps_server_name = ipm_server

# resolution of the AFP being created; only supported values are 240, 
# 300, 480 and 600 
ppml_resolution = 600

# output type format; only supported values are FS45 (color), 
# FS10 (monochrome) or IO1_G4(monochrome)
ppml_outdatatype = FS45

# page height (measurement units: i (inches), c (centimeters), 
# m (milimeters))
page_height = 11i

# page width (measurement units: i (inches), c (centimeters), 
# m (milimeters))
page_width = 8.5i

# ignore all relative paths from the zip file and store all the 
# resources under a single directory
ignore_path = true

# enable tracing
trace = off

The configuration file uses keyword equivalents of the transform options. See InfoPrint Manager: Reference for the keywords and values that you can specify in the configuration file.