Using the Netware print program

From a Command Prompt window on an InfoPrint Manager server, you can submit Netware Version 4 Release 1 jobs to an InfoPrint Manager printer. The command removes the Netware-generated PostScript header and submits the job for printing by using the JobName and JobOwner parameter values from the original header.

To submit a Netware-generated job, type this in a Command Prompt window, substituting the italicized terms with the appropriate values as described below.

netware input_name log_dest_name
The fully qualified name of the file from Netware 4.1 with a PostScript header.
The fully qualified name of the file from Netware 4.1 without the PotScript header (after the transform has run).
The name of the InfoPrint Manager logical destination that the job is submitted to after the PostScript header has been removed.

This example submits a PostScript file from Netware (%i) to be transformed into file without the PostScript header (%o), which is then submitted to a logical destination called happyprinter1.

netware %i %o happyprinter1