Processing resources installed with Resource Access Tables

A RAT maps a resource name specified in the MO:DCA-P data stream to information used to find and process the resource. The resources that are installed with a RAT include:
  • TrueType and OpenType fonts
  • Color management resources (CMRs)
  • Data object resources
In order for line2afp to process resources installed with a RAT, you must:
  1. Use the InfoPrint AFP Resource Installer or a similar product to install the resources and create RATs in the appropriate resource directories on your system.
  2. When invoking line2afp, use these parameters on AIX, Linux, or Windows systems to specify the path names where the RATs and resources are installed in:
    Parameter Resource Type
    FONTPATH TrueType and OpenType fonts
    OBJCONDDD, RESLIB, and USERLIB Object containers and CMRs
    USERPATH Any RAT-installed resource
  3. Modify your application to include the RAT-installed resources in a page definition, form definition, or Map Data Resource (MDR) structured field.
    See InfoPrint Page Printer Formatting Aid for Windows: User's Guide, S550-0801, for more information about including resources.
    You can use the RESTYPE parameter with line2afp to control what type of resources are included in the resource type.