Planning for a LAN connection

First, connect your Windows systems to your local area network (LAN). You can do this task when you install Windows or after you finish the installation. In either case, you might find it useful to complete this worksheet ahead of time for each system that is new to your LAN.

LAN TCP/IP configuration worksheet

Control Panel Prompt Description Value
Computer Name The (NetBIOS) name of this computer on the Windows network.  
Domain/Workgroup The group of Windows computers to which this computer belongs.  
Adapter The physical card used to connect this system to the network. An appropriate driver for this card might need to be added.  
Obtain IP address from DHCP server? The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) provides a new IP address for this system each time it is restarted. If DHCP is not in use, a static IP address must be assigned. __ yes __ no
Note: It is strongly recommended that you specify no for DHCP.
IP Address An IPv4 address (for example, statically assigned to this system. Not needed if DHCP is in use.  
Subnet Mask (IPv4) Identify a range of IP addresses that are on the same network. Not needed if DHCP is in use.  
Subnet Prefix Length (IPv6)
Default Gateway The system used by default to allow this network to communicate with other networks. Not needed if DHCP is in use.  
DNS Host Name The (Internet) name of this system recognized by the Domain Name System (DNS). If possible, this name should be the same as the Windows computer name.  
DNS Domain The Internet domain to which this computer belongs.  
DNS Service Search Order An ordered list of IP addresses of DNS servers. These systems are queried to resolve Internet names into IP addresses.  
Domain Suffix Search Order An ordered list of TCP/IP domains to search for a given host name.  
Primary WINS Server The first Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) system to query to resolve a Windows (NetBIOS) system name into an IP address.  
Secondary WINS Server The second WINS system to query.  
Enable DNS for Windows Resolution? DNS can be used to resolve Windows (NetBIOS) names into IP addresses. __ yes __ no
Enable LMHOSTS Lookup? LMHOSTS files statically associate Windows system names to IP addresses. __ yes __ no
Scope ID The set of IP addresses assignable for a Windows domain is a called a scope.  
Enable IP Forwarding? IP Forwarding allows data to be forwarded on a multi-homed system. __ yes __ no