Submitting PSF printer input to a PCL or PPDS printer

In addition to AFP printing, InfoPrint Manager lets you submit PSF printer input data to PCL and PPDS printers as well.

When you use the Create Printer wizard in the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI to create a printer object that will send jobs to a PCL or PPDS printer, you must specify the path for the command in the Printer command field. For example, by default the lpr command is located at c:\winnt40\system32\lpr.exe. Because InfoPrint Manager does not search the PATH environment variable for the command, you must either add that directory to the PATH for that system or specify the entire path of the command, as in this example:

c:\winnt40\system32\lpr -P printername -S servername

To specify a file name in the command in a location other than at the end of the command, you must include the text-string -IPMF- in the command string. The temporary file name used to store either the PCL or PPDS data generated by InfoPrint Manager is substituted into the command wherever the -IPMF- text-string is located.

Note: The dashes (-) on either side of the -IPMF- text-string are part of the syntax and cannot be omitted.

You can only specify one -IPMF- text-string in a print command, as in the example below:

e:\usrapp\copyit -IPMF- /b e:\tmp

where copyit represents a user-written application for moving either the PCL or PPDS file that InfoPrint Manager generated to the specified directory (in this case, \tmp on the e drive), and giving it a unique name.