Staging jobs

You can stage jobs to InfoPrint Manager with this procedure:
  1. Make a copy of the print file on your local system.

    You will end up with 2 files: report.pdf and copy of report.pdf.

  2. Rename the copy of the print file so that it has the same name as the original print file and the extension .stg.

    Rename copy of report.pdf to report.pdf.stg.

  3. Copy the new file to the hot folder.

    Copy report.pdf.stg and paste it in the hot folder.

    Note: The InfoPrint Manager logical destination ignores files with the .stg extension.
  4. Change the extension back to the original extension when you want the job to print.

    Rename report.pdf.stg back to report.pdf. InfoPrint Manager will pick up the renamed file and send it to print.