RICOH InfoPrint XT

This transform technology allows you to print your native Xerox jobs on high-speed, InfoPrint intelligent printer data stream (IPDS) printers. You do not need to modify the applications that generate your Xerox jobs.

With InfoPrint XT, you can:

  • Load the resources from your Xerox printers and automatically generate the equivalent Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) resources.
  • Convert Xerox line-conditioned data stream (LCDS) and metacode jobs into AFP.
  • Optionally use RICOH InfoPrint Manager for job management and printer management in an integrated InfoPrint XT installation.

InfoPrint XT is available on AIX, Linux, and Windows.


  • RICOH InfoPrint XT for AIX: User Guide PDF
  • RICOH InfoPrint XT for Linux: User Guide PDF
  • RICOH InfoPrint XT for Windows: User Guide PDF
  • Release notes PDF
  • Software License Agreements HTML