Deleting Printers

You can remove the printers that you no longer need.
To delete a printer configured in Ricoh Supervisor Data Collector:
  1. Right-click the printer card and select Delete or click , the menu button, on the printer card and select Delete.
  2. To delete the printer, click Yes.
    To cancel the delete action, click No.
  • After you delete a printer, you no longer receive information from that printer and a new slot is available for adding a new printer.
  • The historical data from the deleted printer remains in the system.
  • Deleting a printer cannot be undone. The system displays a warning dialog box.
  • Ricoh Supervisor Data Collector stores all its data sources and their properties in the cloud. When Ricoh Supervisor Data Collector is not connected to the cloud, you cannot add, edit, or delete a data source. When the connection between Ricoh Supervisor Data Collector and the cloud is restored, all functions are enabled.