Ricoh Supervisor Data Collector Footer

The Ricoh Supervisor Data Collector footer provides cloud and ground information on the configured data collector. The information in the footer is refreshed periodically with information taken from the cloud or each time a device is added or deleted. The following information is available in the footer:

Data Collector Name
The name of the data collector you configured. You can update the data collector name on the General Settings page.
Communication Status
The communication status between the data collector and the cloud. The status can be Connected or Not Connected.
Current version/Update
The Ricoh Supervisor Data Collector version and build number installed on your system.
Data Source Usage
The number of used data source entitlements from the total number of available data sources. If you used all the available data sources from your subscription, you can view pricing details and purchase more data sources.

If you used 50% of the available data sources, the information button becomes visible in the footer. Click the information button for more details.