Ricoh Supervisor Data Collector User Interface

Ricoh Supervisor Data Collector provides a comprehensive and intuitive web-based user interface for viewing and managing connected data sources.

You can access the user interface from a supported web browser. For information on the supported web browsers and the minimum requirements, see Computer Requirements.

Data Collector user interface consists of these areas:

  1. Printers page, for managing printers and printer plug-in connectivity status, as data sources for Data Collector.

  2. The Go to Analytics tab, for monitoring data sources, viewing collected data, and setting alerts for important changes.

  3. The Settings tab , for viewing and editing Data Collector General Settings, viewing Plug-in Management information and the Activity Log for Data Collector.

  4. User account tab , for viewing your user name and for signing out from Data Collector.

  5. User Assistance , for viewing information on how to configure and use Data Collector application.

  6. Search button , for finding a configured data source in Data Collector.

  7. Add Printer... or Scan for Printers button, for adding a new printer manually or searching for a printer automatically.

  8. Data Collector footer, for viewing cloud and ground information on the Data Collector you configured.