User Roles and Permissions

The Ricoh Supervisor Data Collector system provides a user controlled access.

These are user types available:

The administrator role has full access rights throughout the Ricoh Supervisor Data Collector system:
  • Can install the Data Collector and assign a role to another user.
  • Can manage the list of data sources, printers or software.
  • Can manage the settings and plug-ins.
  • Can only view the list of already defined data sources.
  • Can view data source properties.
  • Can monitor the connection status.
This account is for authenticated users with no role in the Data Collector. Also, this account may have other roles in other cloud applications. For obtaining other roles in the Data Collector, see the entry page with details on your access request.
  • After your authentication in the Data Collector, the system retrieves the roles and permissions attached to your account.
  • You have access to Data Collector settings without authentication from the Data Collector host server. You must secure the local access to the computer hosting the Data Collector, allowing access only to the authorized personnel.