Results handler command

Specifies the command or script that the system uses to determine the Inserter job name from an incoming results file. The system calls the specified command for each results file it retrieves from the inserter controller. The system provides the full path of the results file as the only parameter to the specified command.

RICOH ProcessDirector provides an example command:

  • /aiw/aiw1/bin/getInsertJobId on AIX and Linux

  • C:\aiw\aiw1\bin\getInsertJobId on Windows

The command should examine the results file provided and output the Inserter job name value (Job.Inserter.JobID) to stdout. In most cases, this value is the RICOH ProcessDirector job number for the job that is waiting on the inserter results. The command should not write any other output.

If the command outputs an Inserter job name value, RICOH ProcessDirector finds the corresponding waiting RICOH ProcessDirector job and then copies the inserter control file to that job's spool directory.

If the command does not output an Inserter job name value, the Inserter Controller object issues an error message because the results file cannot be associated with a job. RICOH ProcessDirector takes messages that the command writes to stderr and logs them in the Inserter Controller object's message log.


Up to 1024 characters (bytes)
Database name