Instruction grayscale CMR

Specifies the instruction CMR that this step inserts for grayscale print jobs. The printer uses this CMR to convert jobs to a device-specific color space for the printer.

The list includes all the CMRs stored in /aiw/aiw1/resources/CMRs/[printertype]/output/gray (on an AIX or Linux primary computer) or in C:\aiw\aiw1\resources\CMRs\[printertype]\output\gray (on a Windows primary computer), where [printertype] corresponds to the value of the Printer type property.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • This property is only available when the Processing mode property is set to Instruction and the Color mode property is set to Monochrome.
  • The available values for this property change when the value of the Printer type or Ink type property changes.
  • Instruction grayscale CMR is a positional job property. For information about using positional job properties, refer to the Information Center.