Job name

Specifies the name of the job. The user who submitted the job might have specified the name, or the host system that submitted the job might have assigned the name. RICOH ProcessDirector does not require the job name to be unique on the system; the Job number property contains the unique system identifier, or spool ID, that RICOH ProcessDirector uses to identify the job. RICOH ProcessDirector initially supplies the value of this property when it creates the job from the input file.


Up to 128 characters (bytes)
Database name

Usage notes:

  • When the ${Job.InputFile} symbol is used as the value for this property, RICOH ProcessDirector sets the job name to the name of the input file from which the job was created. However, for any job submitted with a control file that defines the job name (Download and LPD input devices), remove ${Job.InputFile} as the value for this property so it does not override the job name defined in the control file.

    For example, if the workflow specifies ${Job.InputFile} as the value of the Job name property, and a control file, such as receive_lpd_pdf_jobtype.cfg, specifies DEFINE ${Job.Name} AS "${DEPARTMENT}", RICOH ProcessDirector sets the value of the Job name property to the name of the input file for the job, not to the value that the DEPARTMENT job parameter specifies.

  • If you use the Process Again action to process the job again, and you specify a different workflow, the job's name might change. The job name is set based on the rules for the new workflow.