Action list

Specifies one or more actions that a step based on the EnhancePDF step template uses to manipulate or evaluate a PDF file. Each action has one or more parameters, and each parameter has a value.
Database name

Usage notes:

  • To type an action in the text area, use this syntax:

    Action -param1 value1 -param2 value2

    where Action is the name of an action, -param1 and -param2 are parameters, and value1 and value2 are the values of the parameters. Different actions have different parameters.

    Type each action, its parameters, and the parameter values on a separate line.

    This example has three actions: RemovePages, AddStamps, and RotatePages.

    RemovePages -pages 3-4,9,12-n

    AddStamps -stampsCSV /aiw/aiw1/control_files/actions/stamp1.csv

    RotatePages -rotate 270 -pagetype landscape

    The example specifies a directory path on AIX or Linux.

    This example has one action: CheckPDF.

    CheckPDF -outputResultsFile C:\aiw\aiw1\checkPDF\checkPDFresults.txt -RPDproperty Job.PDFCheckResult -pages 1-10

    The example specifies a directory path on Windows.

    For more information about supported actions and their parameters, see the topic about the EnhancePDF step template in the RICOH ProcessDirector Information Center.

  • The EnhancePDF step does the actions in the order that they appear on the list, from top to bottom.
  • An action can appear on the list more than once, with different parameter values.
  • Action list is a positional job property. For information about using positional job properties, refer to the Information Center.