Partition preprinted overlay for back

Specifies an AFP preprinted form overlay for a partition on the back side of a multiple-up page in the job. A preprinted form overlay is an AFP resource that contains the predefined data for a form. Unlike medium or page overlays, preprinted form overlays are always placed on the page first so that variable data is not covered up by shading or other data.

The overlay must reside in one of the directories that the AFP resource path job or printer property specifies or in one of these directories:

  • On AIX and Linux:
    • In the /aiw/aiw1/resources directory.
    • In the /usr/lpp/psf/reslib directory.
  • On Windows:
    • In the c:\aiw\aiw1\resources directory.
    • In the \reslib directory in the PSF install path. The default install path is c:\Program Files (x86)\InfoPrint\PSF.


Up to 8 alphanumeric characters (bytes)
Case-sensitive; can include these special characters: # $ @
Not set
Database name

Usage notes:

  • The overlay named in this property is used if no other overlay is named in the Medium preprinted overlay for back for the job.
  • The overlay named in this property is used instead of a preprinted forms overlay named in the form definition specified for the job or any preprinted forms overlays for the back side named on the AFP printer.