Trailer Media

Specifies the media to use for trailer pages. RICOH ProcessDirector uses this property to schedule PDF jobs to the printer.


Not set

In the job property notebook, you can use the toggle control to the right of the property name to change the media objects included in the list. The toggle options are:

The list shows only media that the printer reports as ready and loaded.
The list shows media that the printer supports. Media that is both supported and ready in the printer appears at the top of the list.
The list includes all defined media objects. Media that is ready is listed first, followed by supported media, then any remaining media.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • Use Header and Trailer media values to maximize printing efficiency by precisely matching jobs and printers.
  • This property is only available for Ricoh PDF, Kodak, and Xerox printers. Set Header and Trailer media values only for these printers to avoid a No matching device status.
  • If you do not specify a value, the printer uses the media loaded in Banner page input tray. If the banner page input tray value is not set, RICOH ProcessDirector creates a default JDF job ticket with no tray information. The printer then picks the default tray.
  • If the Printer specifies a tray for the banner pages, and the Job specifies media for the Header or Trailer, then the job is marked with a scheduling conflict and printing does not occur.