Requested printer

Specifies the name of the printer that was requested for the job. You can request a specific printer using the Schedule action or specify one in the workflow for the job. The printer request can also come through other methods, such as a job ticket or, if the AFP Support feature is installed, in JCL parameters for jobs that are transmitted from Download for z/OS or AFP Download Plus.

The requested printer can also be one of these values:

Any printer
The job is assigned to the first available printer with matching values for its scheduling properties.
Not set
The job is not assigned to any printer. The value must be changed before RICOH ProcessDirector can assign the job to a printer.

If you see a colored star next to this field or next to the printer name, only your favorite printers are listed. Click the colored star to see all the printers in the list.

The requested printer might not be the actual printer that prints the job. For example, an operator might move the job to a different printer because of a problem with the requested printer. The Assigned printer property identifies the printer that actually prints the job.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • If a specific printer is requested, the properties of that printer determine some of the values that you can select for Media and Output bin properties.
  • If you install the AFP Support feature and set the Transform RIP for printer property to Same as requested printer, make sure that the requested printer supports the halftone specified by the Transform halftone property. You can specify any combination of printer and halftone, but if the printer does not support the halftone there are errors in transform processing.