Acknowledgement interval (pages)

Specifies how often RICOH ProcessDirector sends requests to the printer to acknowledge that pages have stacked. The unit of measure for the value is pages. Authorized users can specify this property.


Data type
Integer from 1-9999. If no value is specified, RICOH ProcessDirector uses the default value set by the printer driver component, which is 100.
Database name

Usage notes:

  • This property applies only to AFP printers.
  • Changing the value of this property can affect performance. Decreasing the value increases the number of requests, which can affect printer throughput. Increasing the value reduces the number of requests, which can affect the accuracy of printer exception conditions.
  • You cannot change the value of this property if there is a job assigned to the printer.
  • RICOH ProcessDirector automatically shuts down and restarts the printer when you change the acknowledgement interval.